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Types of Microwave Ovens

It’s no secret that microwave ovens offer so many benefits to users. To begin with, it cooks in a flash. It also has a timer, which means you can just program it to run for a specific length of time. If you don’t like washing pans, you’ll love a microwave, which is incredibly easy to clean.

However, there are different types of microwave ovens, and choosing the right one obviously requires how these types differ from one another.


A solo microwave cooks food through a magnetron, a high-powered vacuum tube that emits those magnetic waves. This is the plainest and least expensive type of microwave oven and is well-suited for those who live alone or for small families.


If you want something that works for more than plain cooking, reheating and boiling, buy a convection microwave oven, which allows baking and grilling. Because of its versatility, this type of is very popular in homes and even food establishments.


One of microwave oven types perfect for grilling.
As its name indicates, this type of microwave oven is specialized for grilling tender meats. Inside it are heating coils that can toast food in record time.


This microwave oven has a hood, which helps with ventilation. That means if you use it, there’s no need to worry about steam, odor or smoke as the hood will manage it.


This microwave’s name tells you that it is made to be placed on a countertop. You can pick from different sizes and cook your food just as quickly as the rest. If your kitchen is not so spacious, you normally cook only for yourself, or you have a small family, a compact countertop microwave will be a good choice for you. Of course, you can also reheat your food in it. Medium-size countertop microwaves are just like their compact counterparts, except they consume more space in the kitchen. And then you have the full-size versions, which are meant for preparing meals for several people.

What to Look Into When Buying a Microwave Oven

Before you buy a microwave oven, you do have a number of things to consider to make sure you get what you want. First off, what types of food do you plan to cook in it? How often will you use it? How many people will you be cooking for? Do you plan to bake, grill or just cook plain and simple?

Of course, you also need to consider your budget, although price is hardly the only criterion to use when making a purchase. Thanks to the Internet, you can easily explore various brands, models and price ranges, and make comparisons. Lastly, take time checking out reviews online, which are generally objective and reliable as long as you read them in legit independent consumer websites such as Yelp, Angie’s List and the like.

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