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Are you someone who’s really into books? Bookworms tend to like books despite of its thick pages for it will enable them to imagine freely. The readers can choose either they go straight to the story or read the authors history. If you prefer knowing more of the author and the books that they have written then reading more on the book reviews might be of a great help and may not be new to you. Writing a book has its own good and potentially bad effects to the readers and author, it can be that everything will come out good or will be critique by people through book reviews. Book reviews can offer positive things to the readers and book lovers out there, it helps them secure the idea of a good book and decide later on whether they will read the contents of the book or even not. On particular, this page will delve more into a particular author who is famously known for his works. This author have written contents on his books that are highly controversial and relating to the Christianity. Check it out!

The author wrote a certain book which is a way to talk about belief and religion where the assertion was quite irrational. Instead of doing so, he decided to put much of the he’s ideas on disputing God through the memoir. It doesn’t follow an accurate track so does its intention. It was based upon his experiences at tough times that caused him to wrestle with God. The book had four chapters where the shattering process is given.

The chapter shows his thoughts when he was in the verge of losing hope. He questioned not only the God’s presence in here but also the goodness of it. It was purely based on emotional intellect rather than intellectual intellect. Thus, his grief resulted not of a lack of belief but, of a new belief. He stated here two doctrines, first is the conditional salvation where he tend to point out that salvation is still an option of death. The point is, he concluded here that God is nothing but a bad God, he’s being is a sadist in the cosmos. As what the next chapter suggest, he then found an open door of his closed mind. He recreated his previous statement of God, explaining that the pain he inflicted to him are necessary to open their eyes on a bigger picture. In the end, he stated his ideas for God’s goodness or perhaps lack thereof. He, therefore, appeals to religious experiences as defense for God’s goodness but assume that His goodness, His nature, is tremendous that other creatures cannot understand.

To sum it up, the book is a captivating story of a man dealing with loss, grief and miseries that leads him to come up on ideas against the religious sector. This book can be a great source of learning if you are dealing with religious problem of devil through this book review we are allowed to contradict with the ideas of the author and be able to critic it.

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