China Invests in Solar Power

For the last couple of years, China has been rapidly growing its photovoltaic (PV) industry switching to solar energy for both industrial and private sectors. However, it has slowed dramatically due to a number of factors affecting the distribution of the projects. Among the reasons for the major slow-down is administrative, financial, technical and operational difficulty. The installation of PV panels has been postponed because of the average longevity of the constructions; most of the buildings have a very low lifetime expectancy compared to the projects. Due to the condition of the buildings, the roofs must also satisfy certain criteria suitable for panel insulation, but many are in terrible condition. Identifying roof owners takes up a longer than planned period of time, as well as administrative and legal procedures that require ownership transfers, and risks associated with that. Due to the number of impediments, the government authorities and heads of the industry have had a number of meetings in 2014 in order to consolidate the constraints. Technically, China is ready for the challenge, and it currently has the highest number of installed solar power generation units, more than any country in the world. The Chinese use cutting edge suppliers of PV industry tools including curvature measurement, and within the current year they will be able to not only meet the set renewable energy goals but have a huge potential to surpass it.