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Do you have an old home and would want to dispose it but afraid that it will sit in the market for a while due to its age? Don’t fret because it’s possible to sell it even if you don’t perform any repairs. There are real estate companies that are willing to buy properties on an “as is” condition. And because you are selling your old house, these companies may even offer their assistance to find you a new home. All of these services are hassle free and done by a legitimate and experienced We Buy Houses companies.

On the other hand, how you are going to figure out if the company that you are talking to is legit and really want to buy your property at the right price? Well first things first, you have to check their official website. Make sure to read the company’s background and to how and when they started and then, try finding other branches they have aside from the state where you are in. Oftentimes, it’s stated in their page so practice a bit of patience when browsing through their websites. Double check the branches if they are operational and figure out if they operate locally or nationwide.

Keep on searching regarding legitimate reviews that the company has. There are many that you can find over the web but don’t solely rely on the reviews that you can find in their homepage. The best thing to do is to find out how their past clients are rating their service. Find testimonials and reviews of the company or even post on forums regarding feedback and opinions from other members. The company on the other hand is more likely to be a scammer than a legit one in the event that you discovered about their presence through spam links sent on your email. In other words, this should serve you a red flag.

Likewise how you are searching for we buy houses companies, they may have seen you selling your house online and give you an offer. This is a nice opportunity because majority of these companies are willing to buy your house “as is”. Normally, it is them who will handle repairs and paperwork needed to process everything.

Another great way to locate investors is through the neighborhood for ads which say “We Buy Houses” together with their name and contact details. After you contact them, the company will send a representative to do inspection of your house and do the talks after.

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