Real-Time Deposition Rate Monitoring

Thin films are an important component in modern day technology and are used for the production of semi conductors that have become an important part of any advanced machinery in most scientific fields including our everyday life (cellphones, laptops, etc.).
Thin film production happens in highly controlled environments that can only be attained by a very limited number of highly unconventional tools. Just by changing thin film parameters, engineers are able to achieve various environments for various purposes of production. It is also important to have immediate control over key components during this highly sensitive process to avoid errors, make modifications without being invasive and hindering the entire process.
Manufacturers can achieve this with tools offered by a Michigan company, kSpace. The kSA RateRat Pro calculates a perfect ratio when you need to modify thin film thickness or analyze the surface of thin film application for adequate thin film deposition rate monitoring. This tool is so advanced it will let you have both manual or automatic control modes of your choice either through thickness or time.
The kSA RateRat Pro has an inbuilt sensor that signals the operator about crystal frequency and lifetime. The operator also has a synchronous ability to check and change thickness measurement, rate and frequency; to enter custom configurations and retain them in the memory, and to take advantages of other significant options this tool can offer.