California Doubles Solar Energy Generation

It’s astonishing, how far solar energy integration has come in the industrialized world. Germany is currently one of the leading countries and its solar energy production provides 7{bdcc069b23db8cb15678bb29c9e1c945edf790effe3af739082c851aee20c527} of the country’s electricity demands. In comparison, the number one state in the United States in terms of solar power, California, has only 5{bdcc069b23db8cb15678bb29c9e1c945edf790effe3af739082c851aee20c527} of its energy coming from the sun. It’s shockingly surprising, however that the state has doubled its number just within one year!

The green energy trend has been rapidly growing in California in part of governmental support, and its plans of becoming heavily dependent upon solar, wind and biomass energy. The goal is set to reach at least 1/3 of overall electricity coming from renewable sources. This rapid switch to alternative power sources is mainly due to draughts that shudder California a lot.

Now, in foggy Great Britain the goals are set comparably high as well. Sadly, there’re some obstacles to overcome. Several years ago, solar installation costs in Great Britain used to be higher compared to US where thin-film characterization tools were already more affordable, and state incentives created mass market for solar panels. Now that the prices have dropped significantly, GB is considering faster growth of renewable energy production. The country still needs subsidies from the state to be able become even remotely close to either US or Germany’s achievements.