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How to Take Care of your Box Braid

When ti comes to styling your hair in the morning, you could actually cut it in half if you have braids. This however does not mean that you should consider overlooking them or the hair that’s underneath those braids. Below are some of the steps when it comes to maintaining your braids so it will fleek for long.

Protect it at Night

The best way to do this is to wear a scarf when you are going to go to bed that’s made from silk or satin. This in fact is important whether you have or don’t have braids. The smooth texture of it helps in preventing the braids from frizzing and this also helps to keep its edges fresh. This likewise protects the roots from drying out when you are sleeping. If in case you are uncomfortable with wearing satin or silk, you could place a satin pillowcase over the pillow to get the same kind of protection.

Keeping the Scalp Moist

You should consider doing this for at least two to three times each week by using a leave-in conditioner. This will be able to help in preventing your hair from drying out and avoid breaking. Water actually is the best thing for your hair, which is why you should see to it that you spritz your hair each morning through a water-based solution with some natural oils.

Washing your Braids

The buildup of products and sweat could damage your hair, which is why it is important that you wash your braids at least once every two weeks. There’s no need for you however to take a shower and douse the braids with water if you don’t want to do it. You can in fact use dry shampoo or dry wash your hair by dampening this with washcloth with a warm water and a shampoo. You can actually part your hair and wipe the scalp down in sections.

Extending the Style Time by Redoing on the Edges

After a few weeks, your roots actually would grown out and this would be the time where you could freshen up your look. Rather than doing rebraids, you can in fact just reinstall the braids with the hairline. After taking out the braids with the edges, you should be careful in detangling and to deep condition before you reinstall the braids again.

Never Consider Leaving your Braids for too Long

Protective styling is one that’s meant only for short-term. You should also remember to avoid keeping braids more than 8 weeks. If you ever keep this longer, this will make the new growth stretch and could also get damaged and it may eventually break. This could also potentially lead to hair loss.

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